Alternative finance service Yoii raises $900K in seed round to boost product development

by Yoii ;) in October 12th, 2021

Entrepreneurs are forced to choose within the limited means of financing, equity and/or debt.

Today, Japan based startup Yoii Inc., which provides revenue-based financing service "Yoii Fuel" announced that it raised $900 thousand.

The investment was led by Inclusion Japan,Inc. Other investors include Norinchukin Innovation Fund L.P. ,operated by Global Brain, Ryu Yokoji, co-founder CTO of freee k.k (angel investor) and another angel investor.

Daisuke Murakami, who has a wealth of experience in the financial industry from Inclusion Japan, will be an outside director to strengthen the management system.


Fundraising Background

We are currently offering a new revenue-based financing solution, Yoii Fuel, as a closed beta from May 2021, with no dilutive stock, no joint guarantee or collateral, to solve corporate cash flow challenges. Yoii Fuel provides financial access to companies that were not reachable by the existing financial system or do not want to choose existing means.

The funds raised this time will be used to accelerate hiring and product development.

Strengthening Management

Capital from the Norinchukin Bank fund, which has great experience as one of the largest institutional investors in Japan, with Mr. Daisuke Murakami of Inclusion Japan, who has experience in investment banks and private equity funds, as an outside director. As a Fintech business operator, we will acquire knowledge in a wide range of financial businesses and strengthen our governance and compliance system.

Outside Director

Daisuke Murakami has worked at Goldman Sachs and at Advantage Partners, a private equity fund, as a partner. Now he is a Board member of Inclusion Japan.

“I’m honored to join Yoii which challenges to expand the possibility of the financial industry as an outside director. Collaboration on business studies has already begun, and it excites me just by imagining how it would be like after "Yoii Fuel" spreads throughout the society.  . Based on long experience in the industry, I will do my best to develop,improve the accuracy of "Yoii Fuel" service that contributes on the growth of customers, mainly venture companies, and to maximize the experience value.” Murakami commented.

About Yoii

Yoii Inc.

Address: Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan


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